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Your Total Costs ... there are no hidden fees or travel charges!

              2-Day Class at Your Location  

        Up to Six techs ... $5,700  ($5,900 starting 1/1/22)

        Seven Techs ... $6,100  ($6,400 starting 1/1/22)

        Eight Techs ... $6,500  ($6,900 starting 1/1/22)


To reduce your expenses you are welcome to recruit techs from other institutions when organizing a class at your location. Microscopy USA only asks that all billing be handled by  one institution, and that the number of techs does not exceed eight. (The class dynamic just does not work well above eight techs.)
There are some specialized optical tools that are absolutely required to complete clinical microscope PM servicing.
As a convenience to our customers we assemble a Tool Kit with very little mark-up. These recommended Tool Kits (TK2021) are an additional $585.00 each with free shipping. 
You only need one kit per location - not one kit per tech, and we would be happy to show you where to purchase these items for yourself! Tool kits can be ordered when scheduling a class, or anytime there after.
The above prices are for the all 50 states (Anchorage or Juneau only in Alaska /Hawaii with limitations). Inquiries from U.S. territories, Canada and the Bahamas are welcome. We will be happy to provide you with a quotation to come to your location! (We have offered classes in Canada, Guam, Bahamas, and American Samoa!  Sorry, we do not offer training programs to other international locations.)
Discounts are available when scheduling multiple classes! Contact us for details!

CEAI - August 2014

Vendor credentialing companies require extensive information and high fees for vendors to register. Since our services are a "once-and-done" training, those costs, (sometimes over over $800), are egregious!

If your hospital is one of the very rare institutions that requires and enforces vendor credentialing, then an off-site location for the class will have to be found. In this event there will be a $600 surcharge to reserve such a conference room.

Microscopy USA carries full liability insurance.


Microscope Servicing

Tool Kit ($585.00)

for every class

scheduled in


Feel Free to invite techs from other institutions to lower your costs!