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Microscopy USA

Microscopy USA

Mr. Mark Moore MT(ASCP)
Medical Laboratory Technologist MT(ASCP)
              (1975-1982) Paoli Memorial Hospital, Paoli, PA

Owner - Moore's Microscope Service  (1982-1997)
            - 120 Hospitals + 20 Colleges & Universities
           - 45 Commercial Labs under contract

            - approximately 60,000 PM servicings performed
Owner / Instructor - Microscopy USA L.L.C. (1997-Present)
            - over 2,000 Medical Technologist and Biomed techs trained
              to bring microscope servicing in-house



"There is no other microscope training class on the planet quite like ours! The blending of two passions ... being a medical laboratory technologist, as well as an owner of a microscope servicing company ... provides a wonderfully effective opportunity to teach biomed folks how to service microscopes AND gain the respect and confidence of laboratory personnel. I am passionate about what I do  ... the success of this program speaks for itself!"       Mark Moore - Instructor

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