Available Training Dates - 2021

All we need is a purchase order to schedule a class!


Please do not delay scheduling if there is a particular date that suits your schedule!

CEAI - August 2014

CEAI - August 2014

How to Schedule a Class at Your Location for Up to Eight Techs:

(1.) Select an available date.


(2.) Email us a Purchase Order or pay by credit card at least three weeks before the class to lock in a date.


(3.) Reserve some sort of classroom setting at your facility.


(4.) If you are within a 16 hour drive of Philadelphia we will generally be able to bring microscopes to practice on. If we are flying to your location you will need to borrow a few microscopes ...  only for the morning of the second class day in order to practice PM servicing procedures. Contact us for details.


That's it!   (Email us if you have any questions!)


Microscopy USA

Please contact us if you have interest in any
of the following dates!   Mark@MicroscopyUSA.com
Available dates (WHITE):


          June 14-15 TAKEN

          June 17-18 TAKEN

          June 20-21 TAKEN

          June 23-24-TAKEN

          June 28-29 TAKEN
          July 8-9 TAKEN
July 12-13 (Mon./Tues.)
July 15-16 (Thurs./Fri.)


July 19-20 (Mon./Tues.)
July 22-23 (Thurs./Fri.)
July 26-27 (Mon./Tues.)
         July 29-30 TAKEN
Aug. 2-3 (Mon./Tues.)
         Aug. 5-6 TAKEN
Aug. 9-10 (Mon./Tues.)
Aug. 12-13 (Thurs./Fri.)

Covid-19 Update


Microscopy USA L.L.C. certifies that the class instructor will be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, and that Microscopy USA will enforce the wearing of masks during the training class as required by hospital policy.

We're all in this together!    Stay Safe!