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Microscope Servicing Tool Kit

There are some essential tools needed to service and perform PMs on clinical microscopes. Most essential is a 10x ocular w/ centering reticle, slide micrometer, a spanner wrench, parfocal shims, and special lubricants.

You will need to have a set of these tools at each hospital location to complete PM servicing.

​As a service to our clients we assemble a Tool Kit with these and other items only slightly above our cost. You only need one kit per location - not one kit per tech!

The 2021 Standard Tool Kit (TK-2021) includes:
   10x W.F. Ocular with installed Crosshair Reticle to check for Centration Errors
   Stage Micrometer (0.01mm gradations) Non-NIST Traceable
   Adjustable Spanner Wrench for removing ocular lock rings
   Greases - safe for all metals
   Tri-Flow Lubricant
   23-30mm Ocular Adapter Ring
   Parfocaling Shims - various thicknesses
   Assorted Hand Tools / Screwdrivers
   Black Enamel Oil-based Paint for objective repair
   Pocket Micrometer
   Allen Wrenches
   Immersion Oil
   Resolution Target for Stereomicroscopes
       (Non-NIST Traceable)
   Prepared Slides
   Several Replacement Bulbs
   Safety Glasses for UV Bulb Alignment
   Cleaning Rag
   Hand Air Bulb with Brush
   Canvas Carrying Case

Standard Tool Kit (TK-2021) $585.00/ea

If requested ... and additional ... NIST* Traceable Stage Micrometers

are available at an additional cost of $620.00 ea. (Part# SM-NIST)

       *National Institute of Standards and Technology

   READ: Recent Drama related to

   calibrating Ocular Micrometers

All service and calibration documentation given to the laboratory staff should indicate the status of the stage micrometer used to calibrate the laboratory's ocular micrometer ... as to whether it is an NIST Certified and Traceable Slide Micrometer, or if it is a NON-NIST Certified and Traceable Slide Micrometer.

Microscopy USA USA L.L.C. strongly recommends that you purchase and use a NIST Certified and Traceable Slide Micrometer.