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Microscope Servicing Tool Kit

There are some essential tools needed to service and perform PMs on clinical microscopes. Most essential is a 10x ocular w/ centering reticle, slide micrometer, a spanner wrench, parfocal shims, and special lubricants.

You will need to have a set of these tools at each hospital location to complete PM servicing.

​As a service to our clients we assemble a Tool Kit with these and other items only slightly above our cost. You only need one kit per location - not one kit per tech!

The 2021 Standard Tool Kit (TK-2021) includes:


   10x W.F. Ocular with installed Crosshair Reticle to check for Centration Errors

   Stage Micrometer (0.01mm gradations) Non-NIST Traceable

   Adjustable Spanner Wrench for removing ocular lock rings

   Losimol Greases - safe for all metals

   Tri-Flow Lubricant

   23-30mm Ocular Adapter Ring

   Parfocaling Shims - various thicknesses

   Assorted Hand Tools / Screwdrivers


   Black Enamel Oil-based Paint for objective repair

   Pocket Micrometer

   Allen Wrenches

   Immersion Oil

   Resolution Target for Stereomicroscopes

       (Non-NIST Traceable)

   Prepared Slides

   Several Replacement Bulbs

   Safety Glasses for UV Bulb Alignment

   Cleaning Rag

   Hand Air Bulb with Brush

   Canvas Carrying Case

Standard Tool Kit (TK-2021) $585.00/ea

If requested ... and additional ...


NIST* Traceable Stage Micrometers

are available at an additional cost

of $600.00 ea. (Part# SM-NIST)


*National Institute of Standards and Technology