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"We've trained almost 1,000 biomedical engineers to bring microscope servicing in-house

.......... what are you waiting for?"

Two-Day Training On-Site Your Location

All Makes & Models of Clinical Microscopes

Large Cost Savings for Hospitals

Certificates of Completion

All Makes & Models of Clinical Microscopes

Highly Qualified Instructor

Integration with Laboratory Procedures

Unlimited Free Follow-Up Support

Unconditional Guarantee of Satisfaction

1708 North Sanatoga Road
               Pottstown, Pennsylvania  19464
Phone:     484-686-5820 (After 3pm EST Please)

Fax:         484-765-1789

Microscopy USA

 Nationwide Two-Day Training Programs allowing Biomedical Engineers
 to bring Clinical Microscope Repair and Servicing In-House!

We've trained over 2,000 Medical Technologists

and Biomed Engineers to bring the PM Servicing and the Repair of Clinical Microscopes In-House!

                    On-Site Hands-On Training with Instructor - Your Location 

                               All Makes & Models of Clinical Microscopes

 Certificates of Completion                                    Highly Qualified Instructor

 Large Cost Savings for Hospitals!                         Follow-Up Support

 Newly Revised Training Manual                           Includes Ocular Micrometer Calibration!

 Unconditional Guarantee of Satisfaction               Integration with Lab Expectations


Due to family health issues we have temporarily put on-site training on hold because of the need to limit travel.

If you have interest in scheduling on-site training in the future please email us at  and we will
then update you when on-site training will again be available.

Thank you for your flexibility! Please consider the popular online video certification as an option!

Mark Moore - Owner

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