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"We've trained almost 1,000 biomedical engineers to bring microscope servicing in-house

.......... what are you waiting for?"

Two-Day Training On-Site Your Location

All Makes & Models of Clinical Microscopes

Large Cost Savings for Hospitals

Certificates of Completion

All Makes & Models of Clinical Microscopes

Highly Qualified Instructor

Integration with Laboratory Procedures

Unlimited Free Follow-Up Support

Unconditional Guarantee of Satisfaction

1708 North Sanatoga Road
               Pottstown, Pennsylvania  19464
Phone:     484-686-5820 (After 3pm EST Please)

Fax:         484-765-1789

Microscopy USA

 Training Programs allowing Medical Technologists and Biomedical Engineers
... to bring Clinical Microscope Servicing In-House!

All 36 Topical Videos 


Microscope Use and Servicing Integrated w/ Clinical Lab Procedures

"There's nothing like this anywhere else on the web"!

Yearly Subscription

Supplemental Resources for 36 Videos


or ...


Smaller Bundles of Videos - 30-Day Rental

 or ...


Full Certification Online - for Individuals

"How It Works: Online Certification Guidelines-PDF

Mark Moore MT(ASCP) / Owner - Microscopy USA

or ...

On-Site / Your Location

Small Group Training

For details, scheduling, and pricing ... see below.

We have trained and certified over 2,000

Medical Technologists and Biomedical Engineers!


Microscopy USA L.L.C.

1708 North Sanatoga Road

Pottstown, PA   19464

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