"We've trained almost 1,000 biomedical engineers to bring microscope servicing in-house

.......... what are you waiting for?"

Two-Day Training On-Site Your Location

All Makes & Models of Clinical Microscopes

Large Cost Savings for Hospitals

Certificates of Completion

All Makes & Models of Clinical Microscopes

Highly Qualified Instructor

Integration with Laboratory Procedures

Unlimited Free Follow-Up Support

Unconditional Guarantee of Satisfaction

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Microscopy USA

 Nationwide Two-Day Training Programs allowing Biomedical Engineers
 to bring Clinical Microscope Repair and Servicing In-House!

We've trained over 1,000 Biomed Engineers

   to bring the PM Servicing and the Repair

      of Clinical Microscopes In-House!

 On-Site Hands-On Training with Instructor - Your Location  ... NOT a video program!

                               All Makes & Models of Clinical Microscopes

 Certificates of Completion                                    Highly Qualified Instructor

 Large Cost Savings for Hospitals                          Unlimited FREE Follow-Up Support

 Newly Revised Training Manual                          Many Satisfied Customers

 Unconditional Guarantee of Satisfaction              Integration with Lab Expectations

News Flash ... The College of American Pathology CAP(TM) 

may now expect the biomed department to calibrate ocular micrometers.

This procedure has always been part of our training program! 


           2 Minute Video

Our training is on-site at your location and instructor driven ... it is NOT a video teaching program.


Microscope Servicing

Tool Kit ($585.00)

for every class

scheduled in

2021 !