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Needed Tools / Supplies


There are some essential tools needed to service and perform PMs on clinical microscopes. Most essential is a 10x WF ocular with centering reticle for both 23mm and 30mm oculars, a spanner wrench, parfocaling shims, and special lubricants.
You will need to have a set of these tools at each hospital location to complete PM servicing.

​Microscope Servicing Tool Kit (TK-1000) ... $458.00 ea. (Free Shipping)

Only if you are asked to calibrate an ocular micrometer for pathology you will need a Certified / Traceable Stage Micrometer Slide from NIST (National Institute for the Standardization of Technology).

NIST Certified Stage Micrometer Slide (NIST-SM) ... $635.00 ea. (Free Shipping)

(Please allow 4 weeks for delivery from NIST.)