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Microscopy USA

Biomedical Societies

Clinical Engineering Association of Illinois

Annual Convention

American Society for Healthcare Engineers

Armed Forces Biomedical Society

Arizona Medical Instrumentation Association

Bay Area Association of Medical instrumentation

Baltimore Medical Engineers and Techniciams Society

Biomedical Engineering Society
Biomedical Engineering Society at Univ. of Michigan

Biomedical Engineering Society at MIT
Biomedical Associations of Wisconsin

California Society of Healthcare Engineers

Clinical Engineering Association of Illinois

Gateway Biomedical Society
Georgia Biomedical Instrumentation Society

Gulf Coast Biomedical Society

Heartland Biomedical Association

Healthcare Technology Management Association of Ohio

Healthcare Technology Management Association of South Carolina

Healthcare Technology Management Association of Texas

IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society

Intermountain Clinical Instrumentation Society

Indiana Biomedical Society
Kansas City Biomedical Society

Kentucky Association for Medical Instrumentation

Nevada Healthcare Technology Association

New England Healthcare Engineers' Society
New England Society of Clinical Engineering

Michigan Society for Clinical Engineering

Middle Tennessee Biomedical Association
MidSouth Biomedical Association

OSU Biomedical Engineering Society
Oklahoma Association of Healthcare Engineers

Southern California Biomedical Council
Virginia Biomedical Association
Washington State Biomedical Association



Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society

Clinical Engineering Society of Ontario


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